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How can I add basic information about my agency?

Once logged into the Weellgo platform you can have access to your agency settings by clicking on the account icon on the right side of your top bar, then you can choose to go further on your account information and settings by clicking on "Account"

You are not in your Account Section.

You can see and edit your Agent Configuration Settings (agency information) by clicking the “settings”
on the left sidebar of your Account Section.

You will now be able to browse through different tabs (labels will appear on the top of the box “Agent Configuration” you just entered!): each one refers to a precise topic. (please refer to FAQs Shall I change the information I entered? & I don’t have images. Can you provide some?)

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    • What kind of informations about my agency can I add into the Weellgo platform?

      You will be able to add to your profile all the basic information about your agency (Agent Configuration Settings). General information General contacts Common documents of the agency Main images of the agency All these details can be added / edited ...
    • Will my client see information about my agency?

      Yes, he will. You can choose to let him see the default information you entered in your account settings (please refer to FAQ How can I add basic information about my agency? ) or to modify your agency information just for this trip.  If you want to ...
    • Shall I change the information I entered?

      Of course you will, at any time you want! Each information is always editable, just follow the same steps you used to type in the first time: FAQ How can I add basic informations about my agency?. Please note: anything you will change from your Agent ...
    • Can I add images to my image section?

      Of course! You can add images to your personal repository (logos, pictures, etc). You can enter the “Images” tab by clicking on the relate label you can see on the top bar of the Agent Configuration Settings A "drag&drop" area will appear and you ...
    • Can I add more information than the pre-filled ones in the flight tab?

      In addition to common information you can also add: PNR Number Status of the flight (this option is very important for ongoing trips - please refer to FAQ 05.e and 05.f ) Booked class Additional flight and airports information Contacts Please note ...