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What kind of information can I include into the “Travel Agent” (general information) tab?

The “Travel Agent” tab, that automatically opens when you enter your Agent Configuration Settings, can contain many information.

You will be guided through the filling of text areas, you will see that fields are pre-filled with our notes: just replace our notes with your data!
  1. Name of your agency

  2. Little description / biography

  3. Logo
    You will be able to choose your logo from your own image repository.
    Just click on the “Select Image” under the agency description box and your repository images will appear. Click on  “select” under the chosen image.
    Please note that you won’t be able to add logo until you will have uploaded it into your repository. (please refer to faq Can I add images to my image section?).

  4. Main contacts of your agency
    You can add as many contacts as you like by clicking on “add contact” on the right side of your screen while you are in the “Travel agent” tab.
    You will be able to add, for each contact, his name, post address, website and, if you like, also email address and phone number.
    Each time you will add a phone number you will also be able to choose if this is active on WhatsApp app or not.
    Please note: in this section contacts refers to your agency: if you want to add general contacts (for example helpdesk numbers, H24 assistance, ER services in different countries) you may add them by clicking on the “general contacts” tab in the Agent Configuration Settings section.(please refer to FAQ What kind of information can I include into the “General Contacts” tab?)
Please remember that all the informations you will insert in this section will be copied in every new trip you will create. (please refer to FAQ Will my client see information about my agency?)