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Where can I found my plan information?

When you enter in your ​account section​ you immediately get an overview of your plan and what’s included in it.
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    • How much does the platform costs?

      You can find basic information on the price in our website If you don’t need customization and just want to use the common features of the platform, you can subscribe to a monthly basic plan that sounds very ...
    • Will my clients notice that I’m using Weellgo?

      If you will buy the all-inclusive monthly billed plan your clients will know you’re using Weellgo. If you just don’t want that, we can provide you a fully customized platform. Just get in touch with us and ask for a quotation writing a email to ...
    • What are the main information needed to set up a trip (info section)?

      When you create a new trip the first step is to create a general overview of it. After having assigned a unique ID you will be inside the trip section. Here you will be able to fill some really important fields: Trip Title Just add a generic title ...
    • I have to plan many similar trips, is there a way to speed up the entire process?

      Yes, you can create a template of a trip and re-use it to plan new similar ones. Once you have set up and saved a trip you can click on the template icon (on the top left of the section, just next to the trip main image) and this trip will be stored ...
    • Can I delete my plan?

      We will be really sorry if you will want to delete your subscription to Weellgo but, of course, you will be able to do that at any time. Just write us at ​​ and we will proceed with the account deletion.