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Will my clients notice that I’m using Weellgo?

If you will buy the all-inclusive monthly billed plan your clients will know you’re using Weellgo.

If you just don’t want that, we can provide you a fully customized platform.

Just get in touch with us and ask for a quotation writing a email to

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    • How much does the platform costs?

      You can find basic information on the price in our website If you don’t need customization and just want to use the common features of the platform, you can subscribe to a monthly basic plan that sounds very ...
    • I work for a travel agency, is Weellgo the right platform for me?

      Most probably yes! Weellgo is a simple, flexible and intuitive platform that allows agencies to plan trips and share all the information to the customers’ smartphones.  You will plan trips by using the Weellgo dashboard (from every browser on your ...
    • Will I be quicker in planning trips?

      Yes, probably you will. ​ We set up pre-filled fields that you can use to give basic information to your customers or to have a basic draft to be modified and extend Additionally, Weellgo will give you the opportunity to set up your own templates to ...
    • How can I share a trip with my clients?

      Please note that quotation-mode trips can be shared through a web link, while confirmed trips can be downloaded from your clients into an app on their mobile devices. To share the link of a quotation please enter the edit mode (please refer to ...
    • Can I delete my plan?

      We will be really sorry if you will want to delete your subscription to Weellgo but, of course, you will be able to do that at any time. Just write us at ​​ and we will proceed with the account deletion.